Database Optimisation

Database Optimisation

As a part of our optimization service our professional DBA expert will review your Magento MySQL (MariaDB/Percona) implementation through our checklist and will provide you detailed instructions on how to improve your database configuration. If access is granted, all configuration can be deployed to your database server during specified timeframe. Otherwise, we provide detailed instructions for your hosting support to implement optimized configuration. The process is as follows:

  • you submit optimization request form providing requested output of commands from your SQL server (alternatively, you can grant us access, so we’ll collect it on our own)
  • our DBA engineer will review server configuration, size of variables, allocated buffer pools and server utilization and will provide a configuration change fine tuning your SQL server
  • we’ll provide completed checklist in PDF form sent to your address
  • we’ll provide configuration change list (list of files and variables to adjust) or apply this change on your server (if access info provided)

As a result of such re-configuration and fine-tuning your server will be optimized in the following terms:

  • unused but allocated buffers decreased in size freeing more RAM for other tasks
  • database data optimized reducing data size
  • InnoDB buffer pool adjusted to fit all necessary data in RAM. It helps in decreasing overall memory footprint and to avoid endless input-output operations from hard-drives increasing system IO-capacity and resilience to peak load
  • SQL Query cache optimised to increase hit rate

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