Magento Upgrade Service

Magento Upgrade Service

Magento 1 became end of life (EOL) June 30 2020, if you don’t have the time or budget to move to Magento 2 just yet we offer a very fast and reliable upgrade process for Magento 1.x.

We will provide a staging environment on our server and maintenance downtime of less than 30 minutes according to your scheduled maintenance window. Your maintenance window can be arranged to suit you.


We charge £249 for base upgrade. There is an additional charge of £100 for every version. Detailed pricing for all versions below:

Your current Magento versionCE1.3.x.xCE1.4.0.0 – CE1.5.1.0CE1.6.0.0 – CE1.7.0.2CE1.8.0.0 – CE1.9.1.xCE1.9.2.1 – CE1.9.4.x
Upgrade path developed within48 hours36 hours24 hours16 hours12 hours
Updated code deployed to live within (in accordance with planned maintenance mode)2 hours1.5 hours1 hour30 min30 min
Wait timeNote: Up to 2 weeks
Price for upgrade to latest OpenMage£848£640£432£325£298

Upgrade process

After receiving all of the necessary technical information about your Magento server we develop an upgrade path for your Magento installation:

1. You submit upgrade request form providing access details or backup file and initiate payment transaction.
2. We connect to your server to prepare and download pre-upgrade backup file (alternatively, you provide us full backup of your Magento store).
3. We restore the backup file on our test servers to prepare Staging Environment.
4. We develop and perform upgrade of your store in Staging Environment and solve any problems that occurred during upgrade.
5. When upgrade path is developed and staging instance is upgraded, we provide you a link to verify upgraded store (i.e., so you can login to Backend or Frontend and check every aspect of upgraded version. Any extensions that does not work correctly or require fixes are documented and quoted, upgraded to a newer version if available or disabled. This step usually takes up to 24 hours to complete.
6. If you are satisfied with upgraded version in Staging Environment, we schedule with you upgrade of live store according to the upgrade path developed. Otherwise, we correct all issues in Staging Environment and update our upgrade path accordingly.
7. We deploy upgrade path to live store (alternatively, we provide you backup file of upgraded store). Live store is switched into maintenance mode during database upgrade and it usually takes 30 minutes to complete it.
8. We test your store functions such as login, register, password reset, checkout, contact form and notify you about process completion.

Order/Schedule your Magento 1.x upgrade


    For your consideration

    • Some third-party extensions can stop working on new versions of Magento and may require fixes or updates. Please carefully review all custom extensions during testing phase in staging environment. Fixing of such problems is not included in the upgrade base rate.
      There is a chance that not all of claimed features of new Magento version will be available on your current design theme.
    • Mail sending facility is disabled in Staging Environment, however all generated mail is collected locally and can be forwarded to your email address
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