Case Study: MedicalTek’s Transformation Journey with EveryHost

Company Overview:

Founded in 2007, MedicalTek embarked on a mission to supply high-quality medical products directly to consumers through an online platform. Leveraging the burgeoning internet landscape, the company quickly established itself as a reliable source for medical supplies, gaining traction and expanding its customer base over the years.


By 2015, despite its initial success, MedicalTek encountered a plateau in growth. The evolving digital landscape and increasing competition demanded more sophisticated online marketing strategies and a robust technological infrastructure. The company faced three primary challenges:

The need for a strategic SEO push to enhance online visibility. A requirement for a larger, more robust server to handle increasing traffic and data. An imperative to upgrade the website for a modern, accessible user experience, especially for customers with disabilities.

Solution Implemented:

To overcome these hurdles, MedicalTek partnered with EveryHost, a renowned IT and hosting service provider. This collaboration aimed to holistically address MedicalTek’s challenges:

Server Upgrade: EveryHost provided a state-of-the-art server solution that offered enhanced capacity and reliability, ensuring MedicalTek’s website could accommodate growth and maintain high performance. SEO and Marketing Strategy: EveryHost and MedicalTek devised a comprehensive digital marketing strategy. This included targeted PR campaigns and the creation of niche, SEO-optimized content to improve search engine rankings and visibility. A crucial component was an extensive campaign to acquire high Domain Rating (DR) backlinks, bolstering MedicalTek’s online authority and search presence. Website Improvement: Working closely with the website developers, EveryHost helped implement significant improvements in page speed and accessibility. These enhancements ensured that all customers, including those with disabilities, could navigate the site efficiently and access MedicalTek’s products without hindrance.

Results Achieved:

The collaboration between MedicalTek and EveryHost yielded impressive results:

Significant improvement in website load times and overall performance, enhancing user experience and customer satisfaction. Marked increase in website traffic and improved search engine rankings for targeted keywords, leading to higher visibility and customer engagement. Enhanced website accessibility, ensuring compliance with best practices and inclusivity for customers with varying needs.

Lessons Learned:

This experience underscored the importance of adapting to technological advancements and market changes. MedicalTek learned that strategic partnerships and a willingness to innovate are crucial for overcoming growth stagnation.

Future Plans:

Encouraged by these positive outcomes, MedicalTek plans to continue its partnership with EveryHost to explore new technologies and marketing strategies, ensuring it remains at the forefront of the online medical supply industry.


MedicalTek’s journey with EveryHost exemplifies how strategic collaboration and embracing technological evolution can propel a company forward. By addressing its challenges head-on and focusing on continuous improvement, MedicalTek has set a new standard for success in the online medical retail space.