High-performance hosting built specifically for Performance

We use a combination of state-of-the-art hardware and a highly optimised hosting environment to ensure maximum speed and reliability for your site.

Our servers are jam-packed with advanced features

A properly tuned server environment is the first step to a fast performing site.

Enterprise-Class Hardware

Our servers are built on powerful Hex Core Intel Xeon processors with ECC DDR4 RAM and RAID-10 SSD storage.

Amazing IO Performance

6 x faster than SSD, NVMe drives improve MySQL query performance and page loading times dramatically.

MariaDB Database

MariaDB is a high-performance, enhanced, drop-in MySQL replacement that offers breakthrough database performance and scalability.

LiteSpeed Enterprise

LiteSpeed Enterprise is a scalable, high-performance web server that is up to 40x faster than Apache. It also has a range of built-in security features.

LiteMage Cache

A revolutionary technology that uses server-side full page caching together with ESI hole punching to speed up Magento page loads.


Memcached is a fast, in-memory object caching system that can speed up dynamic web applications by alleviating database load.

LiteMage Cache takes Magento performance to the next level!

Experience the world’s fastest Magento hosting with dynamic page caching and revolutionary ESI hole punching.

Makes Magento faster than ever.

Significantly reduces page load times

Despite Magento being the most popular e-commerce platform today, its modularized architecture and great customizability has the adverse effect of making it slower and more resource hungry than other web applications. This has been a common nuisance among store owners for years as the speed of a website directly influence customer satisfaction and search engine rankings.

Dynamic page cache with hole punching

LiteMage Cache is an innovative new server technology developed by LiteSpeed Technologies, that intelligently store Magento pages into a static cache for much faster retrieval. Caching has traditionally been a challenge for Magento since most pages contains dynamic blocks that changes between users, such as the shopping cart items, My Account area, wishlist, etc., preventing efficient use of a static page cache. LiteMage Cache uses Edge Side Includes (ESI) to punch holes in pages where information changes from visitor to visitor. The remaining content is saved to cache. When the next person visits the same page, the cached content is served quickly, with only the holes needing to be filled in with data for that visitor.