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Is your website suddenly experiencing a significant drop in traffic and rankings?

You’re not alone. Google administers over 400,000 manual penalties monthly, not to mention penalties from core algorithm updates.

But here’s the good news: website recovery from a Google penalty is entirely possible. However, it demands a robust recovery process and a steadfast commitment to achieving results.

In this guide, we’ll walk you through a four-step website recovery process tailored to help you swiftly bounce back from any penalty.

Let’s get started. The initial step in successful website recovery is identifying the type of penalty you’ve encountered.

There are primarily two types of Google penalties: manual and algorithmic. Depending on the type you’ve received, the recovery strategy will vary.

Manual penalties are issued by Google employees, usually for issues like unnatural links, spammy content, or manipulative markup. If you’ve been hit by a manual penalty, Google will notify you via Google Search Console.

On the other hand, algorithmic penalties are triggered by Google’s search algorithm and can stem from updates like Google Panda or Google Penguin.

If you suspect a Google penalty, the next step is to scrutinize potential ranking issues. Check Google Analytics to ensure your tracking code is correctly installed and review Google Search Console for any manual actions against your site.

Additionally, investigate recent changes to your website that may have affected its performance.

After identifying potential issues, it’s crucial to examine recent algorithm updates. Keep a close watch on Google algorithm updates and see if any coincide with your website’s performance drop.

Moz provides a valuable resource that tracks Google updates in real-time, enabling you to pinpoint any updates that may have impacted your site.

By following these steps and staying informed about Google’s algorithm changes, you can effectively recover from penalties and restore your website’s rankings and traffic.

Should you require further assistance or wish to discuss your specific situation, feel free to book a call with us via our Calendly link. Additionally, we offer technical audits of websites to identify improvement areas and address any negative links affecting your online presence.

We’re here to assist you in navigating through any challenges and ensuring your website achieves its full potential.