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Everyhost: Your Partner in Personalised Web Hosting and Comprehensive Digital Marketing

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Launched in 2017 by the insightful Simon Bumford, Everyhost emerged to challenge the impersonality of the web hosting sector. Building on his success with SimpleServers, a leading Magento-focused hosting service he founded in 2008, Simon aimed to broaden the scope at Everyhost. Our mission is to support eCommerce businesses comprehensively, providing not only top-tier hosting solutions but also essential advice on security, scalability, and strategic growth to ensure success.

 In response to the evolving needs of the digital landscape, Everyhost expanded to include marketing and SEO services, creating an all-encompassing platform for online retailers. Paul and Jason Young, key full-time members of our team, bring their expertise to our marketing division, delivering exceptional backlinks, citation listings, and PR marketing strategies to solidify your online presence.

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Customer service and support are where Everyhost truly excels. Our UK-based support team is a testament to our commitment to local, accessible, and thorough assistance. Specialising in both application and server support, they ensure that every interaction is meaningful and solutions are promptly delivered. We design our services to be transparent and intuitive, facilitating a smooth transition for businesses stepping into the digital arena or seeking to enhance their online operations. Our free migration service is a prime example of our dedication to ease and efficiency. 

Commitment to sustainability is at our core, with Everyhost utilising environmentally friendly hosting data centres and proudly being a member of the Green Web Foundation. We value the loyalty of our clients, fostering relationships built on quality service and mutual trust. This is encapsulated in our ethos: “Clients stay with Everyhost not out of necessity, but because they choose to”—a principle that underscores our commitment to voluntary commitment.

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Incorporating essential services such as “web hosting,” “Magento,” “WordPress,” “SEO agency,” “backlinks,” and “marketing agency,” Everyhost is dedicated to being your steadfast ally in the digital world. Whether you’re launching or elevating your online presence, we offer the expertise, support, and resources needed to thrive in today’s competitive environment. 

Partner with Everyhost, where we combine personal touch with professional excellence, ensuring your digital journey is successful and supported every step of the way.

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